Arms of Bad Traunstein, Austria

Arms of Bad Traunstein, Austria

In use since at least 2007

Blazon: Per fess in base azure and gules, two hands conjoined in fess, holding a sword palewise argent between in the dexter a pine tree and in the sinister a dragon’s head or, langued of the second


Arms of Edingen-Neckarhausen, Germany

Edingen Neckarhausen

Granted 1977

Blazon: Per pale argent a cross gyronny fitchy gules and sable a lion rampant or, armed and langued of the second (from the arms of Neckarhausen)


Arms of Chinchilla de Montearagón, Spain

Chinchilla de Montearagon

In use since at least 1991

Blazon: Vert a city wall with two towers argent, windowed and ported gules, on each tower a stag passant towards the interior proper; in chief a castle triple-towered of the second, windowed gules, on each exterior tower an eagle combatant, wings displayed and inverted sable


Arms of Somershall of Derby


From The Blazon of Gentrie by Sir John Ferne (1586) p233

Blazon: Or on a bend sable three butterflies argent

Ferne calls these canting arms on the grounds that the term “summer’s bird” refers to butterflies, but I cannot verify this.


Arms of Bad Tatzmannsdorf, Austria

Bad Tatzmannsdorf

In use since at least 2010

Blazon: Azure a two-tailed Triton beneath an arch in chief blowing water from a horn; overall a chief argent charged with “Bad Tatzmannsdorf” sable


Arms of Cenizate, Spain


Granted 1998

Blazon: Per fess I per pale vert a tower or windowed azure and or an eagle displayed sable, II argent a church azure between two trees eradicated vert