Arms of Hinojosas de Calatrava, Spain

Hinojosas de Calatrava

In use since at least 2011

Blazon: Argent in dexter a cross of Calatrava gules, in sinister two branches of fennel in saltire proper; pointé in base or a representation of St. Bernard of Clairvaux nimbed and bearing in the dexter hand a shepherd’s crook and in the sinister an open book also proper, robed gules

Like so many other municipalities in the region, Hinojosas de Calatrava belonged to the Order of Calatrava after Reconquista. As well as the symbol of the Order, the arms also include a canting element (“hinojo” meaning “fennel” in Spanish) and a representation of the patron saint of the town.


Arms of Burgschleinitz-Kühnring, Austria


Granted 1983

Blazon: Per fess azure and barry or and sable, an eagle displayed argent armed gules

The base half of the shield is probably drawn from the coat of arms of the Kuenringer family. In the early 12th century, Hadmar I built a castle on the same spot where the parish church stands today.

Arms of Hüfingen, Germany


In use since the mid-1600s

Blazon: Azure a tower double-towered argent

It seems evident that the device on these arms is intended to be a representation of a particular tower, but I cannot find which one. It is possible that it depicts a castle built under the rule of the Schellenberger family, which was demolished by the Fürstenbergs in 1705, but this is purely speculation.