Arms of Schenkenzell, Germany


In use since 1958

Blazon: Azure a bull’s head caboshed argent, ringed between two molets of six points in fess or


Arms of Blons, Austria


Granted 1969

Blazon: Per bend azure a molet of five points argent and of the last a pine tree vert

The molet may be derived from the arms of the Swiss canton Valais (which bears a whopping thirteen molets). Blons was originally settled around 1300 by Valais mercenaries hired by the counts of Montfort. The pine tree is likely a reference to the heavily forested nature of the area.

Arms of Blindenmarkt, Austria


Granted ~1522-1529

Blazon: Gules on a pale between two serpents erect argent a dexter wing of the field, surmounted by a triple mount in base proper

The arms were originally granted as shown by Ferdinand I, Holy Roman Emperor sometime between 1522 and 1529. It was re-granted by Maximilian II, Holy Roman Emperor in 1569. The color combination is likely inspired by the Austrian coat of arms, but the origin of the charges is unclear.


The 1569 grant of arms