The origin of heraldric mottoes might probably be traced to two sources, in themselves diametrically opposed to each other; I mean Religion and War.

From The Curiosities of Heraldry by M. A. Lower

Arms of Christian X of Denmark, 1870-1947, reigned 1912-1947 Blazon: Per cross paté argent fimbriated gules; I or seme de hearts gules, three lions passant in pale azure, armed and langued of the second, crowned of the third; II, or two lions passant … Continue reading

From The Manual of Heraldry by Anonymous, p37-38

Arrangement of charges, as demonstrated by torteaux

Left to right, top to bottom; two in pale, two in fess, 2 and 1; three in bend, 2 and 2 (sometimes cantoned), five in saltire; five in cross, 2, 2, and 2; 3, 2, and 1 (or six in pile)