…Even in the best books on heraldry, natural history, and in other illustrated publications, the elephant is rarely to be seen correctly delineated. A peculiarity in his formation is that the hind legs bend in the same manner as the fore legs, so that, unlike other quadrupeds, it can kneel and rest on its four knees, whereas it is usually depicted with the hind legs to bend in the same way as those of the horse or the cow.

FromĀ Fictitious and Symbolic Creatures in Art by John Vinycomb, p10

A few of the nautical charges common in heraldry. From left to right, top to bottom: the anchor; the escallop; the lymphad, or ship, with sails furled; the whelk-shell. Ships should be blazoned as specifically as possible, including the number of masts, whether the sails are furled or not and their color, and if there are any flags.