Arms of Hinckley and Bosworth Borough Council, England

Hinckley and Bosworth Borough Council

Granted 1974

Blazon: Per pale indented argent and gules, on a chief or three torteaux, the center charged with a cinquefoil pierced ermine, the others charged with a mascle of the third

Crest: On a wreath of the colors a dragon gules preying on a boar passant argent

Supporters: On either side a ram reguardant sable, armed or

Mantling: Gules lined argent

Motto: Post proelia concordia (After the battle, peace)

Arms of Gabriel de Rochechouart


Marquis, later duke of Mortemart 1650-1675 (1600-1675)
Blazon: Party of eight I gules a crescent vair (Maurre), II azure between three fleurs-de-lis or a bendlet couped gules (Bourbon), III gules nine mascles 3, 3, and 3 or (Rohan), IV barry of ten argent and azure three chevronels gules (Rochefoucault), V argent a serpent nowed azure and devouring a child gules (Milan), VI gules a chain in saltire, cross, and orle or, charged with a center point vert (Navarre), VII gules a pale vair (Escars), VIII ermine (Bretagne); overall an escutcheon barry nebuly of six argent and gules (Rochechouart)

Arms of South Cambridgeshire District Council, England

South Cambridgeshire

Granted 1978

Blazon: Gules on a saltire ermine between in chief a cornucopia or replenished proper, in fess two garbs and in base the sails of a windmill of the third, a closed book of the field clasped and garnished of the last

Crest: On a wreath argent and gules on a mount vert a great bustard close between the legs two quill pens in saltire all proper

Mantling: Gules lined argent

Motto: Niet zonder arbyt (Nothing without work)


Arms of Peterborough City Council, England

Granted 1960

Blazon: Azure two keys in saltire or enfiled by a mural crown argent; the shield ensigned with a mural crown of six towers or

Supporters: Two lions rampant ermine winged argent armed and langued gules charged on the wing with three estoiles of six points sable, the interior paw resting on a tree trunk fesswise proper

Motto: Upon this rock