Arms of Cabezarrubias del Puerto, Spain

Cabezarrubias del Puerto

Granted 2002

Blazon: Per fess dancetty argent and gules, in chief three trees eradicated in fess vert and in base a lamb statant of the first

The dancetty points of the partition line may refer to the town’s former name – “Cabezas Rubias,” referring to the reddish hills of the region.


Arms of Brazatortas, Spain


Granted 1997

Blazon: Per bend argent charged with three sheaves of wheat conjoined in base vert, gules and the second, in chief a tree eradicated and in base a lamb passant of the first

The name of the town likely derives from two ancient words “bar-aza” or “river valley” and “tortus” or “crooked,” probably referring to the winding river valley.

Arms of Tarazona de la Mancha, Spain


Granted 1987

Blazon: Vert a castle triple-towered or windowed gules between two lions rampant combatant of the second, langued of the third, in chief a double-headed eagle displayed and in base a lamb passant argent

The motifs of the castle and the lions are extremely popular in Spanish municipal arms as a reference to the twin kingdoms of Castile and Leon. Unfortunately, I cannot find any information on the potential origins of the eagle or the lamb.

Arms of Oadby and Wigston Borough Council, England

Oadby and Wigston

In use since 1974?

Blazon: Per quarterly gules and vert on a bend or between II and III two bars gemelles or surmounted by a pile reversed argent, a lion’s gamb erased gules armed azure between two cinquefoils pierced ermine

Crest: On a wreath argent and gules an owl close affronté supporting between its wings a pelt charged with a shuttle erect, all proper

Supporters: On the dexter a lamb guardant argent; on the sinister a tiger guardant, the tail reflexed up along the exterior thigh proper

Mantling: Gules lined argent

Motto: Obtain wisdom