Arms of Aschach an der Steyr, Austria

Granted 1977

Blazon: Azure two hunting-horns palewise, mouths in chief and strings to the center argent, garnished and stringed or; in base a triple mount of the last


Arms of Freudental, Germany

Granted 1980

Blazon: Gules a letter F, on a chief or an antler fesswise sable


Arms of Valdoviño, Spain

In use since at least 2010

Blazon: Per fess vert a fess wavy argent and or a pile rounded in base* barry wavy argent and azure

*I have never encountered this figure before, and cannot find any descriptions of it.


Arms of the Duke of Aquitaine

From The Blazon of Gentrie by Sir John Ferne (1586) p218

Blazon: Gules a lion passant guardant or

Ferne repeats the common trope that the arms of England originated from combining the arms of Normandy with those of Aquitaine after Richard I, heir of Eleanor of Aquitaine, took the throne. While this is difficult to prove, Richard I certainly used the three lions passant guardant during his lifetime, as evidenced by his Great Seal.


Arms of Aschach an der Donau, Austria

Granted 1512

Blazon: Per pale argent and gules, two grapevines intertwined or, leafed, and fructed proper


Arms of Val do Dubra, Spain

Granted 2009

Blazon: Azure a sarcophagus emitting a ray of light, in chief a molet of six points, in base two bars wavy argent