Crosses from┬áThe Blazon of Gentrie

By Sir John Ferne, p172-4

Left to right:

Arms of the city of Constantinople: gules a cross couped or between four Greek letters Beta, addorsed argent. At the time Ferne was writing (1586), the term “Humet” or humetty (synonymous with couped) was “very new,” and he preferred to call it “a Crosse plaine of equall length.” (172)

Blazon: Azure on a cross couped argent another gules. Except for the above preference for “plain” over “couped,” this blazon has changed very little since Ferne’s time.

Blazon: Or a cross botony umbrated (shadowed). The field is or with the outline of a cross botony. Ferne speculates that “this crosse perhaps hath been remoued and washed away through some either ungentle, or at least unthrifty qualities,” but there is no historical record of using umbration as an abatement, and I have never encountered an umbrated coat outside of heraldic texts.