Arms of Chesne

From The Blazon of Gentrie by Sir John Ferne (1586) p241

Blazon: Azure an oak tree eradicated vert

Ferne has some stern words for arms such as these that do not obey the law of tincture: “if they be not both agreeing with the conformity and seemly observance of Blazon & Armory, & also approved by the King of the province… the said coats be no Arms, by the strict sentence of law: and the bearers thereof are not thereby made Gentle or Noble, since that they have not borne the ensigns of Gentry, but the signs of Merchants, Carters, or the like unnoble persons.”

Arms of Fuensanta, Spain


In use since at least 2007

Blazon: Argent on water in base barry wavy azure and the field, in dexter a city fountain proper, spouted or and issuing a stream of water of the second and in sinister a tree vert, all within a bordure of the field charged with the motto “Fons Sanctus Ab Dono Virginis”* sable

*Sacred fountain, given by the Virgin

Arms of Springfield Parish Council, England

Springfield Parish

Granted 1995?

Blazon: Vert on a fess wavy between in chief three seaxes conjoined in pile reversed argent pommels and hilts or between two millrinds and in base a garb of the last, a bar wavy azure

Crest: On a wreath or and vert on a mount vert in front of a representation of the tower of All Saints Church Springfield between two poplar trees proper a plow or

Mantling: Vert lined or