Arms of Frederick IV of Denmark, 1671-1730; reigned 1699-1730

Blazon: Per cross paté argent fimbriated gules; I, or seme des hearts gules, three lions passant in pale, armed and langued of the second, crowned of the first; II, gules a lion rampant crowned or, armed and langued azure, bearing a Danish axe of the second, blade argent; III, per fess azure three crowns or 2 and 1 and the second two lions passant of the first, armed and langued gules; IV, per fess or in chief a lion passant azure, armed and langued gules, in base nine hearts of the third 5 and 4 and of the third a wyvern rampant fesswise of the first; overall an escutcheon gules per pall reversed, 1 a nettle leaf argent, 2 a swan close of the last legged and ducally gorged or, and 3, a knight in full armor mounted on a horse passant all of the second; overall a second escutcheon per pale or two bars gules and azure a cross paté fitchy of the first

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