Arms of Mestanza, Spain



Granted 1989

Blazon: Per fess gules a castle triple-towered or windowed azure and per pale i argent a cross of Calatrava gules and ii vert a ram and sheep statant in pale, the first or and the second argent

The ram and sheep in the arms represent the town’s history as a grazing area for the herds of the Mesta, a powerful association of Castilian sheep ranchers.


Arms of Pozo Cañada, Spain

Pozo Canada

Granted 2004

Blazon: Per fess I per pale argent three towers 1 and 2 proper, windowed sable and vert a castle triple-towered argent windowed gules on each exterior tower an eagle combatant, wings addorsed and elevated sable, II gules a well between two sheep counter-passant and passant argent

Arms of Christian X of Denmark, 1870-1947, reigned 1912-1947 Blazon: Per cross paté argent fimbriated gules; I or seme de hearts gules, three lions passant in pale azure, armed and langued of the second, crowned of the third; II, or two lions passant … Continue reading