Arms of Schwäbisch Hall, Germany

Schwaebisch Hall

In use since the 13th century

Blazon: Per fess or a torteau charged with a cross paté of the field and gules a hurt fimbriated and charged with a dexter hand erect argent

The arms show both sides of the Heller, a German coin minted in the city beginning in the 13th century. The coin eventually gave its name to other units of currency in the Austro-Hungarian empire and the Czech Republic.

Arms of Sheringham Town Council, England


Granted 1953

Blazon: Per chevron vert and argent in chief two pinecones or and in base on water barry wavy azure and the second a three-masted ship in full sail proper

Crest: On a wreath of the colors a hurt fimbriated and charged with a lobster or

Mantling: Vert lined argent

Motto: Mare ditat pinusque decorat (The sea enriches and the pine adorns)

Arms of Stockport Metropolitan Borough Council, England

Granted 1932 (arms) and 1959 (supporters)

Blazon: Azure semé of cross crosslets three lozenges within a bordure or charged with three garbs and four double-headed eaglets azure alternately of the first

Crest: Issuant from a mural crown or a mount vert thereon a castle of two towers proper

Mantling: Azure lined or

Supporters: Two lions rampant argent gorged with a collar vairy gules and or pendant therefrom by a chain of the last, on the dexter a plate charged with a rose gules barbed and seeded of the second, on the sinister a hurt charged with a garb of the last

Motto: Anime et fide (With courage and faith)

From The Grammar of Heraldry by Samuel Kent, p208

1. John Clapcott, azure on a chevron or between three herons argent, as many hurts

2. Thomas Clarke of Gray’s-Inn, London, argent on a bend gules between three pellets, as many swans proper

3. Coxester of Letchlade in Gloucestershire, argent a chevron between three cocks’ heads erased gules, crested and jelloped or