Arms of Krauchenwies, Germany

Granted 1949

Blazon: Per fess argent issuant from a triple mount in base vert a ladder gules and of the last a stag statant or

The ladder (leiter) is a canting allusion to the first lords of Krauchenwies, the Lords of Leiterberg.


Arms of Herbertingen, Germany


Granted 1682

Blazon: Azure on a triple mount in base proper a stag salient or bearing in the mouth an arrow sable fletched gules and argent

The first written reference to the village dates back to 854, when Louis the German awarded the area to the diocese of Constance.

Arms of Inzigkofen, Germany


In use since at least 2009

Blazon: Per fess argent a boar’s head erased sable, armed or, langued gules and of the last a stag statant of the third

The name of the town evolved over several centuries from Untzkoven or Ünzkowen to its current spelling. It may be derived from a farm named after someone named “Unzo,” but the ultimate origin is unclear.