Arms of Bad Tatzmannsdorf, Austria

Bad Tatzmannsdorf

In use since at least 2010

Blazon: Azure a two-tailed Triton beneath an arch in chief blowing water from a horn; overall a chief argent charged with “Bad Tatzmannsdorf” sable

Arms of Seville, Spain (province)

Blazon: Azure on a floor chequy argent and sable, three gothic arches or, therein the figure of a king seated on a throne, crowned and bearing a sword and orb proper, habited of the second, robed gules between two cardinals proper bearing croizers or; on a base vert the motto “NO8DO” of the last

The main escutcheon is surrounded by ten smaller escutcheons. Their blazons, counterclockwise, are: argent on an escutcheon azure a sun in splendor or (Écija); or on a base vert a tower triple-towered proper between two bears rampant combatant sable (Osuna); gules a horse saliant argent, saddled and bridled proper (Morón de la Frontera); per fess I argent two arrows in saltire and one in pale sable, II or a lion rampant gules crowned azure (Marchena); argent a bunch of grapes vert leafed proper (Estepa); azure between two pillars argent, a forest proper, issuant therefrom a sun in spendor or (Sanlúcar la Mayor); or on a base a tree eradicated ensigned by a crown, all proper (Lora del Río); or a base azure surmounted by two doves volant in pale argent (Cazalla de la Sierra); per fess, I argent on a pale or between two trees eradicated a tower proper, II argent on a bridge over water in base proper, a bull statant sable and a horse trippant of the field, respectant (Utrera); and azure a molet of eight points argent within a bordure compony gules a castle triple-towered or, windowed azure (Castile) and or a lion rampant gules crowned azure (Carmona).

Arms of Cádiz, Spain (province)

Blazon: Party of twelve; I gules on the sea in base barry wavy argent and azure, a castle triple-towered or, windowed of the third between two palms of the fourth (Algeciras); II azure on a bridge or over water in base barry wavy of the field and argent two columns tied by a banner of the last inscribed with “1820 Unión y Fuerza 1810” sable, in chief a triangle shining of the first charged with a human eye proper (San Fernando), III gules on a bridge argent over water in base barry wavy of the last and azure, three arches, all of the second (Arcos de la Frontera), IV gules a tower or windowed azure between two olive branches vert fimbriated of the second, on a bordure of the last the motto “De mi sale la Paz” sable (Olvera), V argent the figure of Hercules clad with a lion’s pelt and surrounded by two lions rampant, all proper, with club and mace sable at his feet, all within a bordure or inscribed with the motto “Hércules Fundador Gadium Dominatorque” sable, VI per fess in base argent and gules, in chief a castle of the last pendant therefrom a chain of three links with a key or (San Roque), VII or the figure of St. James the Apostle clad as a warrior riding a horse rampant all proper (Medina Sidonia), VIII barry wavy azure and argent, a bordure compony of gules a castle triple-towered or, windowed azure (Castile) and argent a lion rampant gules, crowned or (León)(Jerez de la Frontera), IX azure on the sea in base barry wavy argent and the field, a castle or windowed gules, ensigned with the figure of the Virgin of the Miracles sable, clad argent and shining or (El Puerto de Santa María), X azure a tower or windowed gules, between two lions rampant of the second on rocks proper issuant from the sea in base barry wavy argent and the field (Chiclana de la Frontera), XI argent on the sea in base barry wavy of azure and the field a tower proper ensigned by a molet of five points or, surmounted by a winged bull proper lying on a Gospel of the third (Sanlúcar de Barrameda), XII per pale argent a lion rampant gules crowned or (León) and or four palets gules (Aragon), all within a bordure azure charged with eight escutcheons or a fess of the field (Grazalema)

Supporters: Two columns entwined by a banner argent ensigned with the motto “Plus Ultra” sable

Arms of Yeovil Town Council, England

Arms of Yeovil Town Council, England

Blazon: Azure St. John the Baptist standing beneath an arch or, in his sinister hand a torteau charged with a Paschal lamb proper, all between two croizers addorsed and ensigned with crowns of the second

Crest: Out of a Saxon crown gules issuant from flames proper, a demi-bull sable armed and ungled or supporting an escutcheon azure a dexter hand or

Mantling: Azure lined or

Supporters: On the dexter a lion rampant or, langued gules, gorged with a collar azure charged with two spearheads of the first, therefrom pendant an escutcheon per fess sable and vert, fretty of the first; on the sinister a horse likewise, pendant from his collar an escutcheon argent a chevron between three roses of the second, barbed and seeded proper

Motto: Industria, Virtute, Et Labore (By diligence, courage, and work)