Arms of Roger de Leuknor


(c. 1244 – c. 1295)

From the Dering Roll (c. 1270-1300)

Blazon: Azure three chevronels argent

Sir Roger de Leuknor (or Lewknor) married Joan de Keynes, who seems to have been an heiress in her own right. They probably lived near Sussex, where both families held land.

The chevronel is a diminutive (smaller version) of the chevron. As in these arms, they are typically borne in multiples, although it’s not impossible to have a single chevronel.


Arms of Thomas Paynel

Thomas Paynel

From the Dering Roll (c. 1270-1300)

Blazon: Or two bars azure within an orle of martlets gules

Thomas was the son of William Paynel and an anonymous daughter of William fitzWimund. The arms use the same charges and positioning, but different tinctures. This is almost certainly an early form of differencing (changing arms to distinguish between members of a family). In England, differencing would later evolve into a codified system, at least according to most heraldic writers (though it is not clear how closely their rules were followed in practice).