Arms of Jon de la Mare

de la Mare

From the Dering Roll (c. 1270-1300)

Blazon: Gules a maunch argent

Either this Jo[h]n de la Mare or his son of the same name was responsible for building Nunney Castle in Somerset. Eventually, Nunney Castle and the other lordships held by the de la Mares passed to William Paulet, Marquess of Winchester.


Arms of Robert Livet


From the Dering Roll (c. 1270-1300)

Blazon: Argent crusilly gules a lion rampant sable

The same arms were used by a Robert Lyvet during the Crusades in 1190-1191. The family appears to have originated in Normandy, though they later spread throughout France and England.

Arms of Lucas de Viene

From the Dering Roll (c. 1270-1300)

Blazon: Azure crusilly and a fess dancetty argent

Lucas de Viene (also spelled Vyenne) was a lord of two manors in Sussex, Putwood and Cudlow. He also apparently had enough of a rivalry with John de Bohun that the latter and several of his servants ambushed the former and ducked him in a horse pond.

Arms of Herbert de Borgherse


From the Dering Roll (c. 1270-1300)

Blazon: Gules a lion rampant or, a label of three points azure

Later individuals in the de Burghersh family, including Herbert’s grandson, bear an almost identical coat, with a lion rampant double-queued. I’m not sure whether this depiction is incorrect or if the arms were later modified. The label also implies that Herbert was a younger son, but I cannot confirm this.