Arms of Breitenfeld an der Rittschein, Austria

Breitenfeld an der Rittschein

Granted 1965

Blazon: Per pale argent two water lily leaves in pale vert and of the second a throwing axe in pale of the first

The water lily leaves are derived from the arms of the Lords of Wildon, and the throwing axe from those of the Stubenbergs, both prominent noble families in the region.

It’s not quite counterchanged, but I still appreciate the use of just two colors, and I do like that these arems are directly tied to local families. I’ll admit the water lily leaves threw me for a loop. The modern heart shape isn’t common at all in heraldry, so I knew it probably wasn’t that, but “water lily” wasn’t immediately obvious to me. Maybe I just don’t hang out around enough ponds.