Arms of Ferdinand I of Austria, House of Habsburg-Lorraine


King of Lombardy-Venetia, Bohemia, Hungary, and Croatia, Emperor of Austria 1835-1848 (1793-1875)

Blazon: Per quarterly I per pale i barry of eight gules and argent (Hungary ancien), ii gules a cross patriarchal pate issuant from a crown upon three mounts in base all proper (Hungary moderne); II gules a lion rampant double-queued argent, armed, langued, and crowned or (Bohemia moderne); III per pale i argent a serpent erect azure crowned or devouring a child gules (Milan) and ii azure on a base proper a winged lion passant guardant, its forepaws resting on a book expanded argent (Venice), IV per pale i azure a fess gules between a crow close proper in chief and three crowns or in base (Galicia) and ii azure two bars chequy argent and gules (Lodomeria); overall in the fess point an escutcheon tierced per pale, i or a lion rampant gules crowned azure, ii gules a fess argent (Austria), iii or on a bend gules three alerions argent (Lorraine)