Arms of the Royal Borough of Kingston upon Thames

Kingston upon Thames

London, England

Granted 1966

Blazon: Azure three salmon naiant in pale argent finned and tailed gules

Crest: On a wreath of the colors issuant from a wreath of bay leaves vert banded or a demi-stag proper gorged with a crown of or pendant therefrom an escutcheon ermine on a chevron vert between two chevronels the chief per pale azure and gules, the base per pale gules and azure, a cross paté or, holding between the forelegs a fountain

Supporters: Two stags proper gorged with a ribbon argent pendant therefrom an escutcheon azure issuant from the base an elm tree proper in front of a sun rising or and resting the interior hind hoof on a charred woodstock proper

Compartment*: A grassy mount proper supported by a fillet wavy pre fess wavy argent and azure

Mantling: Azure lined argent

The arms are derived from the historical arms of the borough, recorded as far back as 1572; the three salmon refer to three fisheries mentioned in the Domesday Book. The escutcheon on the crest bears the arms of the Borough of Malden and Coombe, and the supporters’ escutcheons show the arms of the Borough of Surbiton.

*Compartments are usually left to the discretion of the artist, not specified in the blazon.

Arms of Chillón, Spain


Granted 2007

Blazon: Argent a cross of Calatrava gules within a bordure azure charged with eight suns or

The town of Chillón was originally part of the Roman settlement of Sisapon, which was famous for its silver and cinnabar mines.

Arms of Suffolk Coastal District Council, England


Granted 1975

Blazon: Barry wavy of eight azure and argent a lymphad in sail or flying flags and pennon of the second a cross gules; on a chief of the third, three pellets, the center charged with a cross engrailed and the others with an escallop of the last

Crest: On a wreath of the colors in front of a port between two square towers proper issuant therefrom a rising sun of seven rays, a mitre or

Mantling: Azure lined argent

Motto: New views to life

Arms of Suffolk County Council, England

Granted 1978

Blazon: Gules a base enarched barry wavy argent and azure issuant therefrom a sunburst, in chief two ancient crowns each enfiled by a pair of arrows in saltire points downwards all or

Crest: Within an ancient crown or upon water barry wavy azure and argent a Viking ship in full sail of the first

Mantling: Or lined gules

Motto: Guide our endeavors

Arms of Weston-Super-Mare Town Council, England

Blazon: Per fess or and argent, in chief to the sinister a sun issuant from the partition line gules, in base a lymphad of the last; on a quarter sable a castle of three towers of the second

Crest: On a wreath argent and sable, in front of a lighthouse on a rock, a seagull volant proper

Mantling: Sable lined argent

Supporters: On the dexter, a lion rampant guardant azure, armed and langued gules, collared or, pendant therefrom an escutcheon of the second charged with a chevron argent between three clarions of the third; on the sinister, a wolf rampant argent, collared gules, pendant therefrom an escutcheon sable charged with a fess ermine

Motto: Ever Forward