Arms of Deutsch Goritz, Austria

Deutsch Goritz

Granted 2017

Blazon: Tierced per pale I gules a spade argent, blade in chief II argent a fountain azure and III vert a stalk of wheat or

The wheat represents local agriculture, and the fountain represents the Peterquelle, a local mineral spring. The spade is taken from the arms of Ratschendorf, which was incorporated into Deutsch Goritz in 2015.

Arms of Bürmoos, Austria


Granted 1979

Blazon: Party of three in bend sinister azure, sable, and gules, a spade palewise between in base a demi-cog wheel or and in chief two geese volant in fess argent

The arms represent the rapid economic development of the village. The spade refers to peat mining and the cog to industrial development, while the geese symbolize progress.

Chevronels from The Blazon of Gentrie by Sir John Ferne, p181 (1586)

Left: Vert on a fess argent another sable charged with four chevronels couched* sinister between three spades of the second

Right: Gules three chevronels reversed or

*Issuing from the side of the shield