Arms of Segovia, Spain (province)

Granted ?

Blazon: Per quarterly I gules a castle triple-towered or masoned sable windowed azure between two keys palewise argent (Sepúlveda), II argent a dun horse’s head couped, bridled, and collared proper (Cuéllar), III per fess i azure and ii barry wavy argent, two fish naiant in pale proper (Riaza), and IV azure a vase argent handled or holding three branches of lilies proper (Santa María de Nieva), overall in the fess point an escutcheon azure an aqueduct argent, in chief the bust of a woman proper (Segovia)



Arms of Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Spain (province)

Granted 1893

Blazon: Or on a cross of Santiago gules a passion cross vert, in base three lions’ heads erased sable langued gules, all within a bordure barry wavy azure and argent charged with a mount in chief, two towers in dexter and sinister, and a castle in base, alternating with four anchors addorsed, all of the last

Arms of Salamanca, Spain (province)

In use since 1996

Blazon: Per quarterly, I azure three columns or 2 and 1 (Ciudad Rodrigo), II azure five bees volant in saltire or (Béjar), III argent five castles in saltire or, masoned sable, windowed azure (Peñaranda de Bracamonte), IV argent a sword in bend sinister proper surmounted by a feather in bend gules, in chief a passion cross paté azure (Vitigudino); overall a roundel per pall, i argent two lions’ heads combatant issuant from the partition line proper langued gules, ii argent on a bridge proper dexter a bull passant sable and sinister a tree eradicated vert, iii or four palets gules within a bordure azure charged with eight crosses paté argent (Salamanca)

Arms of Palencia, Spain (province)

Granted 1949

Blazon: Party of six; I per fess argent a double-headed eagle displayed sable and azure three fleurs-de-lis of the first (Frechilla); II argent a bridge proper over water barry wavy of the field and azure, a base vert surmounted by two stags statant also proper (Cervera); III per saltire i and iii gules five bendlets or, ii and iv azure, the dexter charged with the motto “AVE” palewise argent, the sinister charged with the like “MARIA” (Saldaña); IV per fess vert a molet of seven points or and gules a bull’s head couped of the second (Estudillo); V per pale azure a cart or and argent a lion rampant gules (Carrión); VI gules five towers or windowed azure in saltire (Baltanas); overall in the fess point an escutcheon per quarterly i and iv azure a cross flory voided or, ii and iii gules a castle or windowed azure (Palencia)