Arms of Cabezarados, Spain


Granted 2002

Blazon: Per fess vert two plows or and of the last a man’s head couped proper

Although the arms of the city were granted fairly recently, a similar device seems to have been in use since the mid-nineteenth century. The arms are canting, “cabeza” meaning “head” in Spanish.

Arms of Springfield Parish Council, England

Springfield Parish

Granted 1995?

Blazon: Vert on a fess wavy between in chief three seaxes conjoined in pile reversed argent pommels and hilts or between two millrinds and in base a garb of the last, a bar wavy azure

Crest: On a wreath or and vert on a mount vert in front of a representation of the tower of All Saints Church Springfield between two poplar trees proper a plow or

Mantling: Vert lined or