Arms of Sulzbach-Laufen, Germany


Granted 1975?

Blazon: Azure a covered bridge or, in chief five pistons 2 and 3 and in base a base wavy argent

The pistons presumably come from the Schenken von Limpurg arms, while the covered bridge seems to be a traditional symbol of the town (though no such bridge survives today).

Arms of Obersontheim, Germany


In use since at least 1987

Blazon: Argent five pistons* palewise 3 and 2 azure

The arms are a clear reference to those of the Schenken von Limpurg family, who lived in the area from 1514 to 1713 and founded an orphanage and a hospital. The family’s arms were originally azure, five pistons palewise 3 and 2 (sometimes three, 2 and 1); these arms simply invert the colors.

*The charges are blazoned as “Kolben,” which has several possible translations. I was originally leaning towards translating it as “gun stock,” but I was able to find depictions of these arms with was is clearly the same charge dating back to the very early 1300s, before firearms became widespread in Europe.