Arms of Bad Kreuzen, Austria

Bad Kreuzen

In use since 1510, granted 1979

Blazon: Gules on three mounts in base proper a passion cross or surmounted by a lamb passant argent


Arms of Negreira, Spain

In use since at least 2010

Blazon: Sable on a broken bridge argent over water in base barry wavy gules and azure, on the dexter half a passion cross or, on the sinister a knight in armor proper; in chief a molet of five points with rays of the fifth

The black field may be an allusion to the name of the city (negro meaning “black” in Spanish).

Arms of Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Spain (province)

Granted 1893

Blazon: Or on a cross of Santiago gules a passion cross vert, in base three lions’ heads erased sable langued gules, all within a bordure barry wavy azure and argent charged with a mount in chief, two towers in dexter and sinister, and a castle in base, alternating with four anchors addorsed, all of the last

Arms of Salamanca, Spain (province)

In use since 1996

Blazon: Per quarterly, I azure three columns or 2 and 1 (Ciudad Rodrigo), II azure five bees volant in saltire or (Béjar), III argent five castles in saltire or, masoned sable, windowed azure (Peñaranda de Bracamonte), IV argent a sword in bend sinister proper surmounted by a feather in bend gules, in chief a passion cross paté azure (Vitigudino); overall a roundel per pall, i argent two lions’ heads combatant issuant from the partition line proper langued gules, ii argent on a bridge proper dexter a bull passant sable and sinister a tree eradicated vert, iii or four palets gules within a bordure azure charged with eight crosses paté argent (Salamanca)

Arms of Ávila, Spain (province)

Granted after 1905

Blazon: Per quarterly; I argent a tower enflamed proper (Arenas de San Pedro); II per quarterly i and iv argent a crow close proper upon a base vert, ii and iii or two trees eradicated proper on a base vert (Piedrahita); III azure a castle triple-towered proper, at its gates a horse saliant bearing a knight with lance argent (Arevalo); IV azure a zebra statant on a base proper (Cebreros); pointé in base azure a bridge of three arches over water in base proper, beneath the central arch a boat also proper supporting a passion cross argent (Barco de Ávila); overall in the fess point an escutcheon gules a cathedral argent, on the outer wall a figure of Don Alfonso crowned and robed proper, in base “Ávila Del Ray” sable (Ávila)