Arms of Yonne, France


Designed before 1965

Blazon: Or a pall azure and a chief per pale of the last semé de lis of the first within a bordure gobony argent and gules and bendy of six of the first and second and a bordure of the fourth

I thought these looked like another Robert Louis design, and I was right! It’s unclear whether they’ve been officially adopted or not; honestly, I doubt they have. I’m somewhat less on board with the pall being used as a representation of the letter “Y”; it feels kind of like low-hanging fruit, although admittedly, “Yonne” doesn’t really lend itself to a simple graphic representation. Still, though, I’d almost rather see the “Y” represented as its own charge rather than borrowing the originally-religious symbol of the pall for no reason besides visual similarity. Not my favorite of Louis’ work.

Arms of Ruidera, Spain

Granted 1998

Blazon: Per pale argent a pall gules and of the last, a Maltese cross of the first, pointé in base barry wavy of the first and azure

Although Ruidera fell into the territory of the Order of Santiago (per a 1237 treaty), it ultimately ended up as the property of the Order of St. John in 1783, which is probably the source for the Maltese cross. There are also many lagoons and wetlands in the area under national protection, which may be the source of the barry wavy point.

Arms of George Neville

Archbishop of York (1432-1476)

Blazon: Per pale azure on a pall argent surmounting a staff tipped with a cross paté or, four crosses paté fitchy sable (Archbishopric of York) and per quarterly I and IV, per quarterly i and iv or an eagle displayed vert, ii and iii argent three lozenges conjoined in fess gules (Montague); II and III gules a saltire argent (Neville)

Arms of the Christchurch Borough Council, England

Blazon: Ermine a pall azure surmounted by a chevron gules charged with a cross formy between two salmon naiant respectant or

Crest: Issuant from a mural crown or charged with a chi ro monogram sable, the upper story of the tower of Christchurch Priory proper

Supporters: Two lions rampant guardant, per fess or and azure, crowned of the last, resting the interior hind paw on the stump of an oak tree eradicated and leaved proper

Mantling: Or lined azure

Motto: For Fidelity and Freedom