Arms of Newark Town Council, England


Granted 1561

Blazon: Barry wavy of six argent and azure on a chief gules a peacock in his pride proper between a fleur-de-lis on the dexter and a lion passant guardant on the sinister or

Crest: On a wreath argent and azure a morfex* argent beaked sable holding in its beak an eel proper

Supporters: On the dexter, an otter, on the sinister a beaver, all proper

Mantling: Gules lined argent

Motto: Deo fretus erumpe (Trust God and sally)

*The actual identity of this bird is unclear; this spelling does not reliably occur anywhere else. Possibilities include a moorhen, a martlet, a heron, a cormorant, or a grouse. (Campbell, Jillian, and Mike Cox. Secret Newark. Amberly Publishing Limited, 2015. Google Book Search. Web. 10 July 2016.)

Arms of the East Devon District Council, England


Blazon: Barry wavy of six argent and azure a ship of two masts with as many sails each, flying from each masthead, the bow and stern a pennon of St. George all proper; on a chief of the second a rising sun of nine rays issuant from the base or

Crest: On a wreath or and gules a demi-otter erect holding in the mouth a honeysuckle flower slipped and leaved, all proper, surmounted by three ears of wheat leaved or

Mantling: Or lined gules