Arms of El Robledo, Spain

El Robledo

Granted 1985?

Blazon: Per pall reversed I or an oak leaf in pale vert, II argent in chief a cross of Calatrava gules, in base an eagle displayed sable, III azure over water in base barry argent and the field a bridge of three arches proper

The first written record of the town dates from 1214, using the name “Robredum de Migael Diaz.”


Arms of Blumberg, Germany


Granted 1970

Blazon: Argent two hammers in saltire within a cog wheel gules, in base an oak leaf and a beech leaf in saltire vert, a chief per fess nebuly of the field and the last

Presumably, the hammers and cog wheel refer to the town’s centuries-long history of mining iron ore.