[T]o the Earl was allowed the Crown Naval, but to the Marquis was anciently given a Crown Mural: and now, being altered with other fashions forsooth, it must rather be
a garland of flowers, that is to say, a Crown fleury, of quatrefoils.

– From The Blazon of Gentrie by Sir John Ferne (1586), p137


Arms of Tendring District Council, England


Granted 1975

Blazon: Azure on a fess between two chevrons argent a mural crown gules all between two flaunches of the second each charged with as many bars wavy of the field surmounted by a seaxe point in chief proper

Crest: On a wreath of the colors an ancient ship gules flying flags and pennon of St. George, charged on the hull with three escallops and pendant from the yardam by chains a portcullis or nailed and spiked azure

Mantling: Argent lined azure

Motto: Pro bono ominum (For the good of all)

Arms of Southend-on-Sea Borough Council, England

Southend on Sea

Granted 1915

Blazon: Azure on a pile argent between on the dexter an anchor on the sinister a grill and in base a trefoil slipped or a vase gules issuant therefrom a spray of lilies proper

Crest: Issuant from a mural crown gules the mast of a ship proper flying a flag argent a cross gules

Supporters: On the dexter a medieval fisherman holding in the exterior hand a net and on the sinister holding a book and a staff, all proper

Mantling: Azure lined argent

Motto: Per mare per ecclesiam (Through the sea, through the Church)

Arms of Peterborough City Council, England

Granted 1960

Blazon: Azure two keys in saltire or enfiled by a mural crown argent; the shield ensigned with a mural crown of six towers or

Supporters: Two lions rampant ermine winged argent armed and langued gules charged on the wing with three estoiles of six points sable, the interior paw resting on a tree trunk fesswise proper

Motto: Upon this rock

Arms of Fenland District Council, England

Granted 1977

Blazon: Per fess or and sable, in chief siz palets azure, in base five palets of the first

Crest: Within a mural crown or an ancient three-masted ship in full sail or, the center sail of the arms

Supporters: Two Bengal tigers rampant proper gorged with a coronet and resting the interior hindleg on a garb fesswise or

Arms of Knutsford Town Council, England

Granted 1955

Blazon: Azure a saltire between two garbs in chief and base and as many fleurs-de-lis in dexter and sinister or, on a chief barry wavy of four of the first and argent, an antique crown gules

Crest: Issuant from a mural crown gules charged with four lozenges conjoined in fess or a demi-lion rampant of the first gorged with a garland of May flowered and leaved proper and holding in the paws an open book also proper bound and edged of the second

Mantling: Azure lined or

Motto: Respice aspice prospice (Look to the past, present, and future)

Arms of West Lancashire District Council, England

Granted 1983

Blazon: Argent on a mount in base vert, a representation of the Church of Ormskirk proper between three roses 2 and 1 gules, barbed and seeded also proper, on a chief azure between two garbs or each within four fleurs-de-lis 2 and 2 a lion rampant guardant of the field

Crest: Issuant from a mural crown proper a phoenix in flames also proper, wings displayed gules gorged with a chain pendant therefrom a miner’s lamp surmounting a shovel and pickaxe in saltire, all or

Mantling: Per fess gules and azure, lined per fess or and argent

Motto: Salus populi suprema lex (The good of the people is the supreme law.)