Arms of Veneto, Italy


Arms of Veneto, Italy

Granted 1975

Blazon: Azure the sea proper in base surmounted by a rocky mountain also in base, thereon a winged lion passant and nimbed, the dexter forepaw resting on an open book all proper emblazoned with PAX TIBI MARCE EVANGELISTA MEUS sable

The Lion of St. Mark has been a symbol of Venice and the surrounding area going back to at least 1261, possibly earlier. The legend goes that St. Mark was shipwrecked in the Venetian lagoons when an angel in the form of a winged lion appeared and proclaimed “Pax tibi Marce, evangelista meus. Hic requiescet corpus tuum.” (Peace to you, Mark, my evangelist. Your body will rest here.) Later authorities claimed the lion was a symbol of majesty, the book stood for wisdom, and the halo for piety, but this sounds very much like the sort of post hoc rationalization that was common in later centuries.

Arms of Urcabustaiz, Spain


Granted 1996

Blazon: Argent an oak tree eradicated proper fructed or between two acorns in chief also proper, in base a talbot passant sable surmounted by a mountain of five peaks proper, on the dexter a pale azure charged with ten canes 3, 2, 2, and 3 or, all within a bordure tierced per fess of the field, vert, and gules charged with the motto “Iragana buruan*” in the dexter chief, “Geroa eskuan**” in the sinister chief, and “Urkabustaiz” in base, all sable

*With the past

**With the future



German heraldic shield

Greater coat of arms of the former German duchy of Saxe-Altenberg

Blazons of arms depicted on the shield, left to right, top to bottom:

1. Azure a lion repassant barry argent and gules crowned or (Thuringe)

2. Gules an escarbuncle or in the center an escutcheon argent (Clèves)

3. Or a lion passant tail forked sable armed and langued gules(Meissen)

4. Or a lion repassant sable armed and langued gules (Juliers)

5. Or two palets azure (Landsberg)

6. Argent a lion passant gules armed, langued, and crowned or (Berg)

7. Azure an eagle displayed or (Palatinate of Saxe)

8. Sable an eagle displayed or (Palatinate of Thuringe)

9. Or semé des hearts proper a lion repassant sable armed, langued, and crowned gules (Orlamünd)

10. Argent a rose proper (Altenbourg)

11. Azure a lion passant per pale or and argent (Pleissen)

12. Argent three bars azure (Eisenberg)

13. Gules a horse salient argent (unknown)

14. Argent three stag’s attires gules (Angrie) 

15. Or a fess chequy gules and argent (La Marck)

16. Gules a bend sinister argent, perched thereon a raven sable (unknown)

17. Argent three chevronels gules (Ravensburg)

18. Gules a column argent crowned or (Römhild)

19. Or a cock sable crested, beaked, and legged gules upon a mountain vert (Henneberg)

20. This is most likely a flourish drawn in to fill the space, but if it is a charge, the most accurate blazon I can give is: Gules a lion’s tail nowed or

Honor point the arms of Saxe:  barry of ten sable and the first, a ducal coronet in bend vert crowned or 

Names of the duchies and enlarged versions of some found here.