Arms of Santa Cruz de los Cáñamos, Spain

Santa Cruz de los Canamos
Granted 2006

Blazon: Vert a castle on a chief or a cross of Santiago gules between two hemp leaves of the field

The hemp leaves (cáñamos) are a canting reference to the town’s name, which it has borne since 1575.


Arms of Burgauberg-Neudauberg, Austria


Granted 1985

Blazon: Per bend sinister wavy azure or and vert, in chief three stalks of wheat palewise in fess, in base a hammer palewise surmounted by two oak leaves in saltire counterchanged

The bend sinister refers to the river Lafnitz, while the other tinctures are drawn from the coats of arms of Styria (vert and argent) and Burgenland (or and gules). The rest of the charges are symbols of local industries: agriculture and forestry.

Arms of Buch-Geiseldorf, Austria


Granted 2001

Blazon: Gules four beech leaves conjoined in cross or

The beech (Buche) leaves refer to the name of the town, one for each of the municipalities that were incorporated into the town. The gules of the field is allegedly a reference to the martyrdom of the town’s founder, Gisela von Assach; while she almost certainly founded the village in 1140, her status as a martyr is questionable.

Arms of Corby Borough Council, England

Corby Borough Council

Granted 1958

Blazon: Gules a cross patonce between four oak leaves each enfiled by a ducal coronet or

Crest: On a wreath of the colors a raven wings addorsed and displayed sable, beaked, membered, gorged with a ducal coronet, and chained or, the dexter claw resting on a gad of steel proper

Mantling: Gules lined or

Motto: Deeds not words