Arms of Düns, Austria


Granted 1970

Blazon: Per fess or three ivy leaves in chevron vert and of the second a hunting-horn argent, stringed of the first

As a small, heavily wooded community, I’m sure it’s not a surprise that forestry is (and has been) very important to the economy of Düns. The ivy leaves in the chief were apparently used as a brand on the wood they traded. (I am so happy the lovely people at mentioned that those were ivy leaves, because I would not have gotten that.) The hunting horn evidently comes from the estate of Jagdberg; their arms didn’t survive, but the hunting horn shows up in a few other Austrian arms.


Arms of Triberg im Schwarzwald, Germany

Triberg im Schwarzwald

In use since at least 1501

Blazon: Per quarterly argent and gules, two hunting horns respectant counterchanged, in base a triple mount vert

The three mountains (“bergs”) are likely an allusion to the town’s name, while the hunting horns probably come from the arms of the house of Hornberg. One of the early members of that family, Adelbert von Ellerbach, built a castle in the area.

Arms of Huntingdonshire District Council, England

Granted 1937

Blazon: Barry wavy argent and azure, on a lozenge throughout vert between three garbs 1 and 2 in chief and a cornucopia palewise in base a fess embattled or

Crest: On a wreath argent and azure a lion rampant gules gorged with a collar flory counter-flory or and supporting a staff proper flying a banner vert bearing a hunting-horn stringed or

Mantling: Azure lined argent

Motto: Labore omnia florent (By labor everything prospers)

Arms of Wirral Metropolitan Borough Council, England

Granted 1976

Blazon: Vert a trident palewise issuant from the base, pendant therefrom by the strings a hunting-horn or, between two flaunches argent each charged with as many bars wavy azure

Crest: On a wreath of the colors within a crown palisade or upon a red sandstone rock between two sprigs of bog myrtle, an oystercatcher rising, wings elevated and addorsed, all proper

Mantling: Vert lined or

Supporters: On the dexter a lion rampant gules gorged with a collar dancetty of two points downward argent; on the sinister, a lion rampant of the last gorged with a like collar of the first, both holding in the interior forepaw a croizer head outward or

Motto: By faith and foresight