Arms of Bramberg am Wildkogel, Austria

Bramberg am Wildkogel1Bramberg am Wildkogel2

Granted 1966

Blazon: Azure issuant from battlements in sinister base argent a horse salient or langued gules

An old legend connected with the arms claims that in 1376, a knight from the region got roaring drunk and rode his horse out into the mountainous wilderness. After several days, the horse returned, covered in gold, and the locals managed to follow its trail back to one of the richest goldmines of in the area. The knight, however, was never seen again. The battlements supposedly derive from the arms of the lords of Wenns, but I cannot verify this.

I’m not sure why all the images I can find of these arms are kind of terrible. It’s a lovely blazon with an interesting story behind it, and it deserves a better illustration than I have been able to find.


Arms of Bösingen, Austria


In use since 1974?

Blazon: Per pale azure and sable, on the dexter, a horse counter-saliant, bridled and saddled argent; on the sinister, a lion rampant or, both supporting an axe in pale of the third, shafted of the fourth


Arms of Teruel, Spain (province)

Granted ?

Blazon: Per quarterly I or four palets gules (Aragon); II azure a bull statant, in chief a molet eight points argent (El Toro); III argent a representation of the Virgin Mary holding baby Jesus proper seated on a throne or lined gules (Albarracín); IV argent a castle triple-towered between two reeds palewise proper (Alcañiz); overall in the fess point a roundel gules charged with St. George armored proper, cloaked and nimbed or, mounted on a horse salient argent, saddled proper, bridled and harnessed of the second, trampling on a dragon vert


Arms of Soria, Spain (province)

Granted ?

Blazon: Per quarterly I argent a stake supporting a grapevine fructed with three bunches of grapes proper (Ágreda); II argent a fig tree eradicated proper within seven leaves pendant 3, 2, and 2 azure (Almazán); III azure a knight armored and bearing a lance and shield proper, mounted on a horse salient argent, saddled and bridled also proper, in chief a sun in splendor or (Medinaceli); gules a castle triple-towered argent, windowed azure (Osma); overall in the fess point a roundel gules a castle triple-towered argent windowed azure, issuant from the middle tower a king’s head proper within a bordure of the second charged with the motto “Soria Pura Cabeza De Estremadura”*; all within a bordure argent charged with 24 pellets
*Soria, Pure Head of the Estremadura

Arms of Segovia, Spain (province)

Granted ?

Blazon: Per quarterly I gules a castle triple-towered or masoned sable windowed azure between two keys palewise argent (Sepúlveda), II argent a dun horse’s head couped, bridled, and collared proper (Cuéllar), III per fess i azure and ii barry wavy argent, two fish naiant in pale proper (Riaza), and IV azure a vase argent handled or holding three branches of lilies proper (Santa María de Nieva), overall in the fess point an escutcheon azure an aqueduct argent, in chief the bust of a woman proper (Segovia)