Textile Guilds of London


Medieval London Textile Guilds.

1. The Mercers: gules issuant from a bank of clouds the Virgin couped at the shoulders proper vested in a robe of the field ornamented and crined or, wreathed with a chaplet of roses alternately of the first and argent and crowned with a celestial crown, all within a bordure of clouds also proper.

3. The Drapers: Azure three clouds radiated proper each adorned with a triple crown or

6. The Merchant Taylors: Argent a pavilion purpre lined ermine between two robes of estate of the third lined of the second, on a chief azure a lion passant guardant or

8. The Haberdashers: Barry nebuly of argent and azure, on a bend gules a lion passant guardant or

12: The Clothworkers: Sable a chevron ermine between two habicks palewise in chief argent and a teazel in base slipped or

13: The Dyers: Sable a chevron engrailed argent between three bales of madder of the last, corded or

42: The Weavers: Azure on a chevron argent between three lions’ heads caboshed or, as many roses gules, seeded of the third

43: The Woolmen: Gules a wool-pack argent

48: The Broiderers: Barry of six argent and azure on a fess gules between three lions passant guardant two broaches in saltire between two trundles or

49: The Upholsters: Sable three pavilions ermine lined azure garnished or, in base a lamb couchant argent on a cushion or tasselled of the last, over its head a cross fitchy gules

63: The Feltmakers: Argent a dexter hand erect gules between two cords nowled azure, in chief a hat sable

64: The Framework Knitters: Argent a knitting frame all proper