Arms of Bruck-Waasen, Austria


Granted 1988

Blazon: Per fess or a demi-goat rampant issuant from the partition line sable, langued gules and azure three annulets argent 2 and 1

The arms are drawn from two local noble families; the goat is from the Strattmann arms, and the annulets are from the Vatershaimers, who died out in 1493.

Arms of Bockfließ, Austria


Granted 1974

Blazon: Per bend sinister argent and sable a goat springing counterchanged, bearing in its mouth a bunch of grapes vert, slipped and leaved proper

I am unable to find a definite origin for the goat charge, but the grapes may be a reference to the abundant vineyards of the region. The Abensberg-Traun family, who purchased the town in 1635, bear the arms per pale argent and sable, which may have influenced the municipal arms. It does not seem that these arms were used before the 1974 grant.

Arms of Mary Verney, baroness Fermanagh of Ireland

dalloway412 p2.162


From Inquiries into the Origin and Process of the Science of Heraldry in England by James Dalloway, p412

Blazon: 1 azure on a cross argent five molets gules (Verney), 2 azure two chevrons or, on a canton argent a Paschal lamb gules (Euresby), 3 argent a fess vert overall a lion rampant gules (Whittingham), 4 argent a fess sable fretty or between three lions passant or (Buckland), 5 azure a saltire engrailed gules (Iwardby), 6 or a cross engrailed gules in the dexter canton a falcon of the second (Mussenden), 7 azure a chevron wavy between three griffins segreant or (Frome), 8 gules fretty argent on a chief or a lion passant of the field (Spigurnell), 9 or crusilly a lion rampant gules (Braos or Brewse), 10 gules two bendlets, one or, the other argent (Mylo), 11 barry of six dancetty argent and gules (Balun), 12 gules five lozenges conjoined in fess or (Newmarch), 13 vair three bendlets gules (Bray ancien), 14 argent three eagles’ legs erased sable (Bray moderne), 15 or on a fess gules three goats passant argent (Halighwell), 16 sable on a chevron between three bulls’ heads affronte argent, a fleur-de-lis of the field (Norbury), 17 gules a fess chequy argent and sable between six crosslets (Boteler), 18 gules two bars ermine (Pantulph), 19 gules two bendlets or (Sudley), 20 bendy of eight azure and or (Montfort), 21 azure bilette a lion rampant crowned or (De la Planche), 22 azure a fess between six cross crosslets argent (Haversham), 23 sable a cross between four gadflies or (Croysier), 24 azure a chevron or (Dabernon), 25 per bend counterchanged or and azure, an eagle displayed (Blacknall), 26 argent on a cross between two falcons in chief and as many lions in base a Paschal lamb (Pascal)