Arms of Deutsch Jahrndorf, Austria

Deutsch Jahrndorf

In use since at least 2009

Blazon: Gules from a mount proper three flowers stemmed and leaved argent

The city is part of the state of Burgenland, which belonged to Hungary until after the First World War, when it was awarded to Austria.


Arms of Schrozberg, Germany


In use since at least 1973

Blazon: Or a cornflower azure and a mount in base vert

The most recent incorporation of a local town into the municipality of Schrozberg took place in 1974, but it did not seem to affect the arms. The town itself dates back to at least 1249.

Arms of Anchuras, Spain


Granted 1997

Blazon: Gules within a bordure chequy of the first a castle triple-towered or windowed azure and argent five gum rockrose flowers in saltire proper

These were formerly canting arms, as the town was previously known as “Anchuras de la Jara” (la Jara being a nearby region). The flowers depicted here are called “jaras” in Spanish.