Arms of Tarragona, Spain (province)

Granted 1928

Blazon: Or four palets gules, surmounted by a lozenge of the field, four palets nebuly of the second; overall pointé in base azure a cross tau

Arms of Torbay Borough Council, England

Blazon: Azure a lymphad or flying flags and streamers of St. George, sails argent, pendant from the masthead by a cable of the second the stocks and beams of four anchors conjoined in cross gules; on a chief enarched of the second a mural crown of the fourth

Crest: On a wreath of the colors a croizer erect or between two dolphins facing down and outward azure finned of the first, all enfiled within a horseshoe argent

Supporters: On either side a sea-lion proper, head and mane gules, pendant from a cable about the neck a cross tau or

Mantling: Azure lined or

Motto: Salus et felicitas (health and happiness)

Arms of Teignbridge District Council, England

Blazon: Azure on a saltire argent another engrailed gules, surmounted by a croizer in pale, overall a mitre or; on a chief of the second over two barrulets wavy in base of the field a clapperbridge of three spans throughout proper

Crest: On a wreath of the colors in front of two palm trees proper a swan close naiant sable

Supporters: On the dexter a bay Dartmoor pony and on the sinister a gray mare each gorged with a garland of heather proper, pendant therefrom a cross tau or and resting the interior hind hoof on a tor, the whole upon a compartment* of moorland proper

Mantling: Argent lined azure

*Compartments are usually an artistic decoration that is not specified in blazon, but this particular achievement is an exception.