Arms of Braint Hir

Braint Hir

From Encyclopedia of Heraldry by John Burke and John Bernard Burke (1844)

“Lord of Isdulas, Founder of the X. Noble Tribe. Vert, a cross flowery or.”

It does seem likely that someone named Braint Hir did, in fact, exist, although when is not completely clear. It seems most likely he was alive in the late ninth century (possibly born circa 880), although several sources place him much earlier, near the end of the sixth and early seventh centuries. However, it is probable that the earlier date is a misunderstanding based on a bad translation of the Historia Regum Britanniae. (Obviously, the arms depicted by the Burkes are spuriou. He must have died well before the documented use of heraldry in Wales – even the later date doesn’t get him that far. Besides, I’m not at all confident that there are credible sources for the arms of someone who doesn’t have a definitive birth and death date.

Arms of the borough of Croyden


London, England

Granted 1965

Blazon: Argent on a cross flory sable between in chief dexter two swords in saltire and sinister two keys in saltire, both azure and gules, five bezants

Crest: On a mural crown or a fountain between a branch of oak leaved and fructed and a branch of beech slipped proper

Supporters: On the dexter a lion sable and on the sinister a horse argent each with a cross formy fitchy pendant from a collar counterchanged

Mantling: Sable lined argent

Motto: Ad summa nitamur (Let us strive for perfection)

The cross flory comes from the arms of John Whitgift, Archbishop of Canterbury, by way of the County Borough of Croyden. The keys and swords refer to the Abbey of St. Peter and St. Paul. The fountain symbolizes the source of the River Wandle, and the white horse is from the arms of the Earls of Surrey.

Arms of North Walsham Town Council, England

North Walsham

Granted 1949

Blazon: Sable a croizer palewise between two ancient crowns or, a chief dancetty of the last a cross flory of the field between two garbs vert

Crest: On a wreath of the colors in front of a sun in splendor or a griffin sejant sable collared gules

Mantling: Sable lined or

Motto: Non nobis sed omnibus (Not for us but for all)