Arms of Bürmoos, Austria


Granted 1979

Blazon: Party of three in bend sinister azure, sable, and gules, a spade palewise between in base a demi-cog wheel or and in chief two geese volant in fess argent

The arms represent the rapid economic development of the village. The spade refers to peat mining and the cog to industrial development, while the geese symbolize progress.

Arms of Buchbach, Austria


In use since 1850?

Blazon: Per fess vert and gules a tree issuant from an eight-spoked cogwheel between two chestnuts, all proper, surmounted by a fess wavy argent

The arms may be at least partly canting, if we assume that the fess wavy represents a brook (Bach). The chestnuts are presumably a reference to the sweet chestnut trees common in the region.

Arms of the borough of Haringey


Granted 1965

Blazon: Sable eight rays of lightning issuant from the fess point throughout or

Crest: On a wreath of the colors in front of a demi-sun in splendor or a demi-cogwheel sable

Mantling: Sable lined or

Motto: Progress with humanity

The lightning rays are intended to refer to the fact that the borough contains Alexandra Palace, from which the first the television broadcast was made.

Arms of Brückl, Austria


Granted 1963

Blazon: Per fess I per pale i argent a triple mount in base vert, ii gules between two bendlets as many right arms clasping hands in bend argent; II argent two bars wavy azure surmounted by a four-spoked cogwheel sable

The mountains in the first quarter refer to three prominent local mountains, while the second quarter shows the arms of the Christalnigg family. The bars in the lower half of the shield represent the rivers Gurk and Görtschitz, and the cog symbolizes the use of water power in the region.


Arms of Riópar, Spain


Granted 1988

Blazon: Per fess I per pale two cauldrons in pale chequy or and sable, each containing twelve serpents, eight facing the exterior and four facing the interior proper and chequy of nine argent a lion rampant gules (León) and gules a castle triple-towered or windowed azure (Castile), II gules on water in base barry wavy argent and azure a castle triple-towered or windowed azure, surmounted by a four-spoked cog-wheel sable