Arms of Oberrot, Germany


Granted 1971

Blazon: Per pale gules two bars argent and azure a lion’s head caboshed, in its mouth the tip of a chevronel or

The dexter half of the arms belong to the von Rot family. They owned the town until 1248, when it passed to the abbey of Comburg, whose arms are shown in the sinister half.

Arms of Antoine de Crussol


Count of Uzès 1546-1566, duke of Uzès 1566-1573, count of Crussol 1572-1573 (1528-1573)

Blazon: Per quarterly I and IV per pale i barry of six or and vert (Crussol) and ii or three chevronels sable (Levis), II and III per pale i azure three molets of five points in pale or (Gourdon) and ii or three bendlets gules (Genouillac); overall in the fess point an escutcheon gules three bendlets or (Uzès)

Arms of Gabriel de Rochechouart


Marquis, later duke of Mortemart 1650-1675 (1600-1675)
Blazon: Party of eight I gules a crescent vair (Maurre), II azure between three fleurs-de-lis or a bendlet couped gules (Bourbon), III gules nine mascles 3, 3, and 3 or (Rohan), IV barry of ten argent and azure three chevronels gules (Rochefoucault), V argent a serpent nowed azure and devouring a child gules (Milan), VI gules a chain in saltire, cross, and orle or, charged with a center point vert (Navarre), VII gules a pale vair (Escars), VIII ermine (Bretagne); overall an escutcheon barry nebuly of six argent and gules (Rochechouart)