From The Grammar of Heraldry by Samuel Kent, p206

1. Captain Philip Boys  of Hawkscroft in Kent, or a griffin segreant sable within a bordure gules

2. Dennington Bradley, argent a fess azure between three round buckles gules

3. Brooke Bridges, azure three water-bougets or within a bordure ermine; a crescent on a crescent for difference*

*The blazon gives a crescent on a crescent, but it is not shown in the cutting.

The family of Pelham (now represented by the Earl of Chichester) bear, as a quartering, ‘Gules, two demi-belts, paleways, the buckles in chief argent.’… in commemoration of the capture of John, king of France, at Poictiers, by Sir John de Pelham.

From The Curiosities of Heraldry by M. A. Lower