Arms of Buch-Geiseldorf, Austria


Granted 2001

Blazon: Gules four beech leaves conjoined in cross or

The beech (Buche) leaves refer to the name of the town, one for each of the municipalities that were incorporated into the town. The gules of the field is allegedly a reference to the martyrdom of the town’s founder, Gisela von Assach; while she almost certainly founded the village in 1140, her status as a martyr is questionable.

Arms of Blumberg, Germany


Granted 1970

Blazon: Argent two hammers in saltire within a cog wheel gules, in base an oak leaf and a beech leaf in saltire vert, a chief per fess nebuly of the field and the last

Presumably, the hammers and cog wheel refer to the town’s centuries-long history of mining iron ore.