Arms of Immenhausen, Germany


Granted 1958

Blazon: Vert three bees volant or

Unfortunately, I don’t have any information on the arms themselves, but the village itself is very old. It was first mentioned in 1098, and then sold to the monastery of Bebenhausen in 1379. Over the next five centuries, the village served as a bank and became incredibly wealthy, to the point where the district of Tübingen owed it money. Unfortunately, due to inflation, its fortune had entirely disappeared by 1918.

Arms of Frommenhausen, Germany


In use since at least 2007

Blazon: Gules a beehive with bees volant or

I don’t have much information on these arms, but it does seem like there are some wild beehives in the town’s arboretum. (I’m not quite sure what a “wild bee place” or “Wildbienenlage” refers to, and I’d welcome any further input on that. My German isn’t very good.) They do seem very proud of the beehive’s traditional symbolism – diligence, cooperation, and hard work. While I know coats of arms aren’t typically granted or adopted due to the more esoteric symbolism, I can’t prove these weren’t, and I can’t bring myself to be the wet blanket.

Arms of Salford City Council, England

Granted 1974

Blazon: Azure a shuttle erect between five bees volant 2, 2, and 1 or, on a chief of the last a ship in full sail proper between two mill-rinds sable

Crest: On a wreath of the colors, a demi-griffin segreant gules gorged with a collar of steel proper and bearing a staff or flying therefrom a pennon argent charged with three boars’ heads erased and erect in fess sable langued of the first

Mantling: Azure lined or

Supporters: Two lions rampant

Motto: Salus populi suprema lex (“The health of the people is the supreme law.”)

Arms of Manchester City Council, England

Granted 1842

Blazon: Gules three bendlets enhanced or, on a chief argent a ship in full sail on waves of the sea all proper

Crest: On a wreath of the colors a terrestrial globe semé de bees volant all proper

Supporters: On the dexter a heraldic antelope argent, attired, collared, and chain reflexed over the back or; on the sinister side a lion guardant or, murally charged gules, each charged on the breast with a rose of the last

Mantling: Gules lined or

Motto: Concilio et labore (By counsel and by labor)

Arms of Salamanca, Spain (province)

In use since 1996

Blazon: Per quarterly, I azure three columns or 2 and 1 (Ciudad Rodrigo), II azure five bees volant in saltire or (Béjar), III argent five castles in saltire or, masoned sable, windowed azure (Peñaranda de Bracamonte), IV argent a sword in bend sinister proper surmounted by a feather in bend gules, in chief a passion cross paté azure (Vitigudino); overall a roundel per pall, i argent two lions’ heads combatant issuant from the partition line proper langued gules, ii argent on a bridge proper dexter a bull passant sable and sinister a tree eradicated vert, iii or four palets gules within a bordure azure charged with eight crosses paté argent (Salamanca)

Arms of Knowsley Metropolitan Borough Council, England

Granted 1976

Blazon: Or* an eagle neck embowed, wings addorsed and inverted gules, perched upon a cradle sable, therein an infant proper swaddled of the second; on a chief dancetty azure a cross moline between two bees volant of the field

Crest: On a wreath or and azure, perched upon two coils of cable a cormorant wings elevated and addorsed proper holding in the beak a balance or

Supporters: On the dexter a griffin or, charged on the wing with three roses gules, barbed and seeded proper; on the sinister, a griffin sable, beak and forelegs or, charged on the wing with three fleurs-de-lis of the last

Mantling: Azure lined or

Motto: By faith and industry

*The tinctures in the blazon are correct. The picture quality is rather poor.

Arms of Bury Metropolitan Borough Council, England

Granted 1974?

Blazon: Per saltire argent and azure a saltire parted and fretty counterchanged between in chief a bee volant and in base three papyrus plants palewise in fess proper, and on the dexter a ram’s head caboshed and a bull’s head caboshed or

Crest: On a wreath of the colors, a mural crown gules a wyvern reguardant wings expanded argent and charged on the shoulder with a cog-wheel azure

Supporters: On the dexter a bull reguardant argent gorged with a mural crown azure charged on the shoulder with a rose gules barbed and seeded proper; on the sinister a wyvern reguardant wings expanded of the first gorged with a mural crown of the third charged on the shoulder with a cog-wheel of the second

Motto: Forward in unity