Arms of Melilla, Spain

Blazon: Azure two baskets in pale chequy gules and or, each containing fourteen demi-serprents proper, all within a bordure compony of gules a castle triple-towered or, windowed azure (Castile) and argent a lion rampant gules, crowned or (León)

Crest: Issuant from a crown proper, a tower or windowed azure; issuant therefrom a knight proper, armored argent, robed gules, in the dexter hand a dagger proper

Supporters: Two columns entwined by a banner argent ensigned with the motto “Non Plus Ultra” sable

Motto: Praeferre Patriam Liberis Parentem Decet (“It is good for a parent to put his fatherland before his children.”)



Glovers’ Company

From Heraldry Display’d, or London’s Armory by Samuel Lyne, p57

Arms of the Glovers’ Company

Blazon: On a field of six pieces sable and argent three rams salient armed and ungled or

Crest: On a wreath of the colors a ram’s head argent armed and issuing from a basket or filled with wool argent between two angels’ wings gules