Arms of Pétrola, Spain


In use since at least 1991

Blazon: Per fess vert a castle triple-towered argent windowed gules on each exterior tower an eagle combatant, wings addorsed and inverted sable, armed of the third and gules a lake barry wavy argent and azure


Arms of Woodbridge Town Council, England


Granted 1975

Blazon: Per bend argent and barry wavy of the last and azure on a bend gules three escallops of the first in sinister chief a rose flowered, slipped, and leaved proper

Crest: On a wreath argent and gules on the stump of an oak tree sprouting proper a cock head to the dexter vert in front of a cock head to the sinister or, both beaked, legged, combed, and wattled gules

Mantling: Gules lined argent

Motto: Preservation and progress


Arms of Mahora, Spain


Granted 1972

Blazon: Vert a windmill or, in base water barry wavy argent and azure


Arms of Alcalá del Júcar, Spain

Alcala del Jucar

Granted 1969

Blazon: Azure a bridge or over water in base barry wavy argent and the field, in chief a saltire couped of the second


Arms of Bungay Town Council, England


Granted 1953

Blazon: Barry wavy of six vert and argent a Norfolk wherry in full sail proper flying a pennon gules, a chief or a port between two towers sable charged with an escutcheon of the fourth a cross of the third

Crest: On a wreath of the colors a dog courant sable* upon a ray of lightning fesswise gules

Mantling: Vert lined or

Motto: Moribus antiquis pareamus (Let us ever hold fast to the old virtues.)

*A representation of the Black Dog of Bungay; legend has it the Devil appeared in the town in the form of a black dog to wreak havoc.



Arms of Albatana, Spain


In use since at least 1991

Blazon: Or from the sea in base barry wavy azure and argent three mounts proper, issuant therefrom as many sprigs vert, all within a bordure of the field charged with four saffron flowers slipped gules