Arms of the borough of Brent


Granted 1965

Blazon: Per chevron wavy argent gules and vert, in dexter chief an orb ensigned with a cross crosslet or, in sinister chief two swords in saltire proper, points in chief, in base as many seaxes in saltire, points in chief of the last enfiled with a Saxon crown of the fourth

Crest: Within a Saxon crown or on a mount vert a lion statant of the first charged on the shoulder with a cinquefoil gules

Supporters: On the dexter a lion or supporting a staff gules with a banner vert charged with a balance of the first; on the sinister a dragon azure supporting a staff of the third with a banner of the second charged with three lilies argent

Mantling: Gules lined argent

Motto: Forward Together

Compartment*: A grassy mound divided by water argent charged with a pale wavy azure

This achievement is largely a combination of the arms of the former boroughs of Wembley and Willesden. The former contributed the seaxes, the Saxon crown, and the lions, while the latter contributed the orb, the swords (both symbols of King Athelstan), the cinquefoil, and the dragon.

*Compartments are usually left to the discretion of the artist, not specified in the blazon.

Arms of Motilleja, Spain


Granted 1995

Blazon: Per fess I per pale vert a tower or windowed azure and or an eagle displayed sable, II gules a baton and a sword in saltire between the weighing pans of a balance and interlaced with the beam thereof, all or

Arms of Madrigueras, Spain


In use since at least 1991*

Blazon: Per bend gules an ancient balance* argent and of the last a bunch of grapes slipped and leaved proper, in chief an ear of wheat slipped and leaved vert; all within a bordure gules, charged with a castle triple-towered or windowed azure in the dexter chief and sinister, a lion rampant in the sinister chief and dexter, and a fleur-de-lis in base of the fourth

*The blazon in the source from 1991 specifies that the charge in the first section of the shield is a molet of eight points argent, but the depiction shown here is also used on the municipality’s website. This suggests that either the source cited is inaccurate or the blazon has changed since 1991, but I have no further information. The charge appears to be a balance; the top hook would have been held steady, while the object being weighed would be hung on the other hook, and the weight moved along the scaled bar until the two weights balanced.

Arms of Knowsley Metropolitan Borough Council, England

Granted 1976

Blazon: Or* an eagle neck embowed, wings addorsed and inverted gules, perched upon a cradle sable, therein an infant proper swaddled of the second; on a chief dancetty azure a cross moline between two bees volant of the field

Crest: On a wreath or and azure, perched upon two coils of cable a cormorant wings elevated and addorsed proper holding in the beak a balance or

Supporters: On the dexter a griffin or, charged on the wing with three roses gules, barbed and seeded proper; on the sinister, a griffin sable, beak and forelegs or, charged on the wing with three fleurs-de-lis of the last

Mantling: Azure lined or

Motto: By faith and industry

*The tinctures in the blazon are correct. The picture quality is rather poor.