Arms of de Lacy and de Quincy

Lacy and Quincy

Arms of John de Lacy, Earl of Lincoln 1232-1240 (c. 1192-1240) and Margaret de Quincy, Countess of Lincoln 1240-1266 (c. 1206-1266)

From p122 of Lacies Nobilitie by Sir John Ferne (1586)

Blazon: Per pale baron and femme  or and gules a bend sable and a label of three points argent (Lacy) and  gules seven mascles conjoined or 3, 3, and 1

The title to the earldom of Lincoln was carried through Margaret’s side, inherited from her mother, Hawise of Chester, who inherited the title from her brother Ranulf de Blondeville. As Margaret was the one with the initial right to the title, it returned to her in her own right after John died.

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