Arms of Comyn and de Quincy

Comyn and de Quincy

Arms of Alexander Comyn, Earl of Buchan (?-1289) and Elizabeth de Quincy

Blazon: Per pale baron and femme azure three garbs or and gules seven mascles conjoined 3, 3, and 1

Ferne gives Comyn’s wife’s name as Alice, but it was actually Elizabeth. The couple had at least nine children together.

The arms given here for Comyn are identical to the arms usually used for the Earls of Chester. Some sources have the Comyns as the first Earls of Chester before the title passed to John of Scotland, but I believe this is incorrect. I cannot find any reliable evidence that the Comyns and the Earls of Chester were related. This may be an error, or it may be a case of two families genuinely bearing the same arms. They were, after all, in two different kingdoms (the Comyns were Scottish), and the famous Scrope v. Grosvenor case would not be decided for another hundred years after Alexander Comyn’s death.


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