Arms of Lady Pernell*, Countess of Leicester


(c. 1145 – 1212)

From p80 of Lacies Nobilitie by Sir John Ferne (1586)

Blazon: Gules a pale or

Ferne gives a fairly accurate accounting of the Countess’s involvement in the Young King’s rebellion against Henry II, though he is clearly on the father’s side of that conflict. He describes the Countess as “a woman of surpassing boldnesse and stomacke (more than was befitting the modestie of her sexe”. (74) He goes on to discuss the different shield shapes, saying that while female armigers must use the lozenge, other forms of the shield are all but irrelevant to the arms.

*Her name is given as Pernell in the text, but her full name was Petronilla de  Grandmesnil.

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