Arms of Aldea del Rey, Spain

Aldea del Rey

Granted 1968; in use since the 16th century

Blazon: Argent a cross of Calatrava gules between two keys in base pilewise sable

The arms of the town probably derive from its role as the residence of the clavero of the Order of Calatrava. This role was responsible for keeping the keys of the Order’s stronghold in the castle of Calatrava la Nueva.

There are a lot of things I really like about these arms, starting with the simple but striking design. Points for symmetry, sticking to the law of tincture, using a unique positioning of the keys, and minimal use of color. Extra points for having the charges tie into the area’s history; it’s much more subtle than canting arms, which (to me at least) makes it more interesting. And finally, extra bonus points for teaching me something neat about the structure of the Order of Calatrava.


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