Arms of Quincy and Chester

Quincy and Chester

Arms of Robert de Quincy (?-1217) and Hawise of Chester, Countess of Lincoln 1232-1241? (1180-1241?)

From p43 of Lacies Nobilitie by Sir John Ferne (1586)

Blazon: Per pale baron and femme; the first gules six mascles 3, 3, and 1 or, the second azure three garbs or

Ferne seems to be conflating Robert de Quincy with his brother Roger; he lists Robert as Earl of Winchester, when it was Roger who succeeded their father in 1235, well after Robert’s death.

These are two very, very old English families, so it’s kind of neat to see the union of the two arms. I mean, I’d be much more surprised if they hadn’t intermarried at some point, but the two arms in one coat is still cool, at least in my nerdy opinion.


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