Arms of Östringen, Germany

Granted 1958

Blazon: Azure a kesselring argent, in the honor point a molet of six points or

Arms of Thomas Manners

Earl of Rutland (?-1543)

Blazon: Per quarterly, I and IV or two bars azure, a chief per quarterly i and iv azure two fleurs-de-lis or, ii and iii gules a lion passant guardant or (Manners); II per quarterly, i gules three water-bougets argent (Ros), ii azue a Catherine wheel or (Belvoir), iii gules three Catherine wheels argent (Espec), iv argent a fess double-cotised gules (Badlesmere); III per quarterly i gules three lions passant guardant or within a bordure argent (Holland, Earls of Kent), ii and iii argent a saltire engrailed gules (Tiptoft); iv or a lion rampant gules (Charleton, Barons of Powys)

Arms of Charles Louis Auguste Fouquet

Count of Belle-Isle 1684-1738, marquis of Belle-Isle 1738-1748, duke of Belle-Isle 1742-1761 and duke of Gisors 1748-1761 (1684-1761)

Blazon: Per quarterly I and IV argent a squirrel* gules (Fouquet); II and III or three chevronels sable (Lévis)
*Squirrels are nearly always sejant. These do not seem to be, which may be an error in the depiction, or a position unique to the Fouquets.